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“By covering the surface of an object with transparent glass beads, the existence of the object itself is replaced by ‘a husk of light’, and the new vision ‘the cell of an image’ is shown.”—Kohei Nawa

I used language because I wanted to offer content that people—not necessarily art people—could understand.”—Jenny Holzer

I am never interested in the individual, but in the human species and its environment.”—Andreas Gursky

To give a body and a perfect form to one’s thought, this—and only this—is to be an artist.”—Jacques-Louis David

An artist recreates history, not like a historian, but as a poet. The artist takes the communal ideas and associations that surround the various gods of his or her time and plays with them, inventing another story for these mythic characters.”—Robert Wilson

I’ve always believed that fairy tales and myths are archetypal mirrors of society. They give meaning to values and emotions unchanged across culture and time.”—Adriana Duque

Sound doesn’t always have to be heard. Sound can also be created by how a pattern is set up on a surface- how it moves across the surface, how light reflects the surface [and] can generate a feeling. Sound can also be through feeling, through color, through texture.”—Nick Cave

"With Jean-Michel [Basquiat] or Picasso, the fact that they could do it so easily is what makes the work, in the end, so great. They had absolute fearlessness. If you’re not fearless about changes, then you won’t progress.”—Christopher Wool

"Sometimes I look at great paintings in a museum and note the craquelure and other flaws in the work and imagine what a great painting it must have been at one time. I sometimes want people to look at my work and have that same feeling. A feeling that if only the surface was clear, there must be something very beautiful beneath it."—Kim Keever

“Digital technology is changing the way we consume culture, this is neither good or bad. A lot of very interesting art emerges from new tools of expression. But, like any change, it will take time for people to understand that we need art of the past and masterpiece paintings [in order] to make something interesting with digital creation. The future will let us know.”—Léo Caillard

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